Concepts of contrast

Tom Dixon explores the concept of contrasts and will launch his new "Rough and Smooth" collection at Milan Furniture Fair 2013.

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Introducing eight new product families, Tom Dixon’s latest collection Rough and Smooth celebrates the rapture in contrasts.

Focusing on opposing qualities to define a new collection, British product designer Tom Dixon has intricately balanced the honesty in natural textures with his fascination of extreme polished surfaces.

Texture, finishes and materiality play a large role in the design and design process of Rough and Smooth.

“Gem” is a family of angular lights, tables and mirrors, which take inspiration from the facets of cut gemstones. In order to give each piece its own personalised character, sand and grit during its making is not removed or filled away. 

“Bell” is a super-shiny lamp that gives off a soft and clean light through its frosted under-side glass. The lamp resembles the look of a dome suspended over a second dome and is made with an ultra-polished chrome-plated steel, which takes on the colours and characteristics of its surroundings.

Like a mysterious chemistry experiment, “Flask” is a spherical hand-blown glass light made from a flask and hood. Dixon’s experimentation with contrasts is highlighted in the ridged bottom flask, which refracts light and gives a warm glow while the top hood is smoked to cover the lamp and give an elegant subtlety.

“Cell”, “Spun Champagne Bucket” and “Spun Tables” are ultra-expressive furniture pieces designed to bring an almost disco-like glamour to any space. Made using curves of solid brass each piece is maximal rather than minimal and adds a space age decoration element wherever it is used.

“Mass Coat Stand” and “Book Stand” are designed to resemble a bronze statue and govern authority over any space. The pieces are brass-clad and develop a natural patina across its surface over time.

Tom Dixon will be showcasing his Rough and Smooth collection during Milan Furniture Fair in April at MOST. The exhibition space will further enhance the concept of contrasts through using the back-of-house warehouse and the front-of-house showroom. 

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