Community originals

Creative community rejuvenation is where its at for the All Originals I Art SA community mural project.

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The All Originals I Art SA community mural project is the collaborative effort of /A Word of Art and Adidas Originals to support a passion for creativity and originality.

The project which started in Woodstock, Cape Town seeks to promote local artists, mural art and original culture. An installment of the same project is also planned for Soweto later this year.

Local artists were approached to each paint one wall in Woodstock. Their brief was to create something that will ensure sincere and soft integration with the community

Artists included 35- Ten 73, Pavement Special, Black Koki, Boamistura, Dathina Mzayiya, Freddy Sam, Fuzzy Slippers, Jeremy Puren, Jonx Pillemer, Linsay Levendall of Bison, Paul Senyol, Rowan Pybus at Makhulu and Xanelle.

The painting took place over three days and was documented for an exhibition at /A Word of Art gallery which can be seen until 21 April 2011. Proceeds from the sale of prints will go to Write on Africa to paint schools in the area.

Write on Africa is also running art workshops at /A Word of Art for the course of the exhibition.

On Saturday 9 April 2011 there is an opportunity for all to get involved in this community project. The community of Woodstock will host a braai and market from 10am until 6pm, where visitors will have the opportunity to see the walls and meet the artists involved. It’s also great that the event is supported by the Woodstock Improvement District.

But the festivities don’t end there. The All Originals I Art Party also happens on Saturday from 10pm to 3am at the Red Bull Studio.