Colourful foam blocks make multiple seating arrangements

Array, a set of brightly hued foam blocks, by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Tijs Gilde, can be arranged in multiple ways to create playful seating options.

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Tijs Gilde has designed Array, a seating system that provides the user with diversity and a sense of individual expression. The seating system is comprised of a set of colour foam blocks of various shapes that can be arranged in different ways.

Inspired by children’s building blocks, the designer aimed to design furniture that possessed flexible qualities, bright colours and bold shapes. The result is a seating system with a youthful personality.
"My work starts at an intuitive level, colour, shape and material are at the base of the process,” says Gilde.
A yellow strap is attached to the felt-covered, colour blocks. The strap allows the user to tie the blocks together in any configuration. The blocks are undefined, leaving room for the user to interpret and create how they see fit.

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