Colour invasion

A bright pink lecture podium, furniture, lights and more, Karim Rashid reveals it all at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

Challenging the aesthetics in product design, Karim Rashid will showcase a range of creations, which exude new-age style at Milan Furniture Fair 2013.

Best know for his use of colour and sophisticated silhouettes, New York-based product designer Karim Rashid will excite audiences with a range of captivating and even slightly bizarre forms and shapes of interior products.

“Spoon” for Artemide is an elegantly constructed floor lamp resembling the outline of a fancy spoon. Made out of fiberglass, the lamp is extremely lightweight and long lasting. Rashid describes “Spoon” to be as bold, sensual and sultry as Sophia Loren.

Working alongside B-Line, Rashid designed a range of indoor and outdoor furniture pieces revealing exuberant creativity. “Oskar” and “Gemma” are colourful, multifunction and perfect for any contemporary space.

“Nafir” for Axo Light is a collection of lamps, which can be used individually or as a family when grouped together. Rashid played with the notion of light as a complement to sound. After being fascinated by the idea of flat surfaces, which become transformed and create fluid shapes for 20 years, Rashid has finally turned his idea into a trumpet-shaped product.

Having lectured at hundreds of events, Rashid thought it was time to have his own unique lecture podium. His “Swish Podium” for Slide is available in white, black and, of course, true Karim pink.

Leucos approached Rashid to accent the “Leucos Great JJ Lamp” to aid the charity Cittá della Speranza, a hospital specialising in the research and treatment of children with oncologic diseases. Rashid was inspired by spring, youth and joy, and injected some human spirit and humour to lighten up, what he believes, is an overtly serious thing called life.

Rashid’s designs will be showcased during Milan Furniture Fair 2013 form 9 to 14 April 2013.