Colour-changing clothing amplifies body language

Eef Lubbers’ Kimbow dress changes colour with the wearer to transcend the limits of static textiles.

From the Series

Posture, gesture, facial expression, and now clothing could all work together to express the emotions of the wearer. Designed by fashion technology designer Eef Lubbers and fashion designer and researcher Malou Beemer, Kimbow is an interactive dress that senses the wearer’s posture and changes colour to amplify the message his or her body sends across.

Tech components stitched in the back of the garment are connected to colour-changing threads. When the user stands a certain way, the pull of the thread activates, making them change colour to a brighter, attention-grabbing hue. For instance, if the user stands in a power position, hands placed squarely on the hips with shoulders pointed out, the thread becomes a more vibrant shade.

“This dynamic enhances the powerful appearance of the posture, attracting more attention and potentially increasing the confidence of the wearer,” write the designers.

Designed as a graduation project, the Kimbow was part of the Mind the Step exhibition at the Klokgebouw during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in October.

Concept and design: Malou Beemer & Eef Lubbers / Photography: Bob Mans / Model: Janneke Jeurissen / Muah: Janine Van Helden