Yuri Suzuki's Barcode Book uses a barcode reader connected to a speaker, together with illustrations, to tell stories.

While Yuri Suzuki’s Barcode Book is not completely original it’s still an interesting concept.

Based on the Texas Instrument’s Magic Wand Reader, the Barcode Book tells a story using barcodes as illustrations while a barcode reader, connected to a speaker plays sound. By applying an audio barcode, a technology that allows data such as text information to be carried and transmitted on sound waves, Suzuki allows users to access barcodes found in advertisements and magazines.

Through these barcodes, related websites can then be accessed by scanning the barcodes with cellphone cameras. In a similar way, the audio barcode transmits data embedded in sound waves to targeted devices by using a microphone, made possible by specicalised software. The transmitted data is embedded by acoustic orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, the technology behind audio barcodes.

Suzuki is a product designer and electronic musician that explores sound spaces though product design. He’s interested in making sound experiences more interactive.