Cocoon Light by Clarisse Design

Durban-based studio Clarisse Design launches a light inspired by the silk web of a cocoon.

Clarisse Design is a Durban-based studio founded in 2008 by husband and wife Suzanne and Xavier Clarisse. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Art of Saint Etienne, Xavier has a passion for sculpture. Now an established company with an extensive product range, Clarisse Design will be exhibiting its new Cocoon Light at Creative Collab, an exhibition of nine KwaZulu-Natal designers hosted by Design Indaba and the KwaZulu-Natal Society of Arts. 

Crafted from laser-cut aluminum, the Cocoon Light radiates a mineral elegance, which is set off by its thread-like frame of intertwining metal. “As the name suggests the design was inspired by spun or woven shapes in nature like cocoons and nests,” explains Xavier.
When off, the light stands alone as a floating art piece, but when switched on the bulb casts a warm glow that further enhances the design’s likeness to a cocoon. Xavier elaborates: “As with all my lighting designs, it is important to me that the light is effective and fills space sculpturally both when off during the day and when illuminated.”
The studio seeks out symmetry in its designs with a trademark style that is both “original and timeless,” simultaneously influenced by the future and past traditions.
The Cocoon Light’s sculpted metal and dim glow lends itself to the industrial style of Durban’s new Station 43 brewery and restaurant.