Cocoon comfort

There must be some deep-seated primal need that is satisfied with curling up in one of these super snuggly Cocoon armchairs.

The Cocoon armchair is the inaugural piece of a collection in progress by Superette, a new Luxembourg-based design company. Designed by LES M (Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel), the Cocoon is launching at the Intérieur show in Belgium, which runs until 24 October 2010.

Introducing a new seating typology, Cocoon takes comfort to a new level by adding a sleeping-bag-like duvet to make it the ideal position for reading, resting, long TV sessions or daydreaming.

Superette, from the Latin "supera" meaning "above" and the French diminutive "–ette", manufactures contemporary furniture dedicated to promoting ideal designs. As with Cocoon, which creates the perfect balance between creativity, humour and functionality.