City networks

The Post-It exhibition in Madrid looks at the informal ways in which public city spaces are being occupied and what this means for architecture.

Beyond the control of architects and authorities, city spaces are occupied in a variety of informal ways. From the commercial to the recreational, city spaces offer temporary solutions for a number of problems that appear of the fringe of urban planning.

An exhibition in Madrid, Spain, considers these temporary occupations of public space and how it colours the urban landscape. Post-It City. Occasional Urbanites – Ciudades Ocasionales, which runs until 19 February 2012, looks at how different situations and public space uses overlap, despite efforts to homogenise public spaces in cities.

Considered from a different point of view, the temporary activities that characterise public space draw attention to public space, highlighting the need for traditional urban architecture to be reevaluated.

Post-It consists of information, photographs and stories.