Chimera IoT: a Kenyan startup designing smart homes

The recently established company adapts Western technology to African specific conditions.

Chimera IoT, a Kenyan startup, is an Internet of Things (IoT) system made specifically to suit African homes. The company focuses mainly on creating smart homes to suit the African market, but also extends their working platform to big data and artificial intelligence.  The company has developed a fully functional, remote-controllable smart home application and system. Once the hardware is installed, all of the home’s functions can be controlled via the application installed on the homeowner’s smart device.

Chimera acknowledges that technology is rapidly changing and improving, considering that we have remote access to the Internet and are able to control our homes electronically. But, as a developing country, Africa often lags behind in these global innovations. Although smart home technology is readily available around the world, these models do not work in the average African household. According to Chimera, these “specific African conditions [often include] frequent power outages or low bandwidth penetration”, which is particularly problematic to a system that relies on electricity and Internet connectivity.

In response to the Western model and these location specific conditions, Chimera developed a system with power backups built into the hardware. Their aim is to “help Kenya and Africa stay ahead of the competition.”

Chimera’s technology allows the user to control simple functions such as lighting, temperature control, and audiovisual integration, allowing users to adapt their environment to their mood. Preset timers then sync all devices according to the habits of the individual. “The curtains, air conditioners, kitchen appliances could wake up with you,” adds the company. 

More advanced functions include smart, real-time streaming of the home surveillance feed, which allows the user to keep updated on home security. Similarly, the “virtual guard” is able to detect potential threats like a fire, gas leaks and other risks that can be prevented. Selecting the “away mode” predetermines that “electrical appliances will automatically shut down… the security system will automatically start, PIR sensor and camera will monitor your home to prevent burglary,” explains the company.

Chimera hopes to let homeowners focus on more important things in life and at home while its system takes care of habitual functions such as putting the geyser on or starting the coffee in the morning.  

Chimera IoT