Cheers to that

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town designed a top-notch look and feel for beer brand Windhoek’s fictional Pure Beer Society in (real) bars and taverns.

In South Africa legislation restricting alcohol advertising is eminent and so, in light of this situation, The Jupiter Drawing Room (TJDR) Cape Town presented an alternative way to communicate beer brand Windhoek’s brand essence... by creating the fictional Pure Beer Society, and implementing it in real bars and taverns as part of the campaign.    

In doing so TJDR commissioned three local artisans to create bespoke furniture for these (real) venues that host the (fictional) Pure Beer Soceity events. The aim of the campaign was to educate and inspire beer drinkers as  they relax and enjoy a cold one. 

Furniture designer James Mudge, renowned for his clean lines and use of natural materials, created a large communal table featuring a timeline history of Windhoek beer, with the beer tasting process engraved in its wooden surface. Lighting expert Ryan Matchett married his love of natural forms and the outdoors to design bottle pendant lights using recycled Windhoek bottles, brass, copper and solar power to keep them lit. Jared Odell designed a one-of-a-kind chair using green Windhoek crates as its base and features a built in bottle opener.

Further innovative items were developed, including illustrated wallpaper demonstrating how to taste beer and Windhoek security grills for taverns. 

Windhoek Pure Beer Society camapaign won a silver award at this year’s Cannes Lions, the 60th International Festival of Creativity. 

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