Charging around

The Mellowcab is a fully electric minicab designed to provide an efficient on-demand taxi service in urban areas.

This is the tuk-tuk of the future.

The Mellowcabs design philosophy is centred around creating a powerful, lightweight design that reinvents public transport through the latest technological innovation. With zero carbon emissions, the three-wheeled Mellowcab is eco-friendly and could help reduce traffic congestion. For urban commuters whose journeys average 5km or less within an urban hub, the Mellowcab is a practical, environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional taxi.

South African entrepreneur Neil du Preez came up with the idea for Mellowcabs in 2014. He sought the help of award-winning design experts Ideso to help him create a vehicle that was cutting edge in terms of its technology but not alienating in look or feel to the passenger. The design is safe, ergonomic, entry and exit are open to the street, and they've even included a built-in iPad on the back of the driver's seat to offer an "interactive experience". A single Mellowcab can provide up to 120km of transport a day. 

In order to keep prices competitive, the Mellowcab also functions as a miniature moving billboard for advertisers, attracting a primary revenue that can keep the journey cost for passengers down. This would mean low-income travellers could also use a Mellowcab. Expect to see Mellowcabs on the streets of Cape Town from April this year! 

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