Champagne sweetness

The label for a bottle of champagne accompanying an individual marriage proposal was so charming it had to be turned into a full range.

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there was a boy who loved a girl. In fact, Rohan Esebeth had loved Lurina Muller for a long time and wanted to marry her.

He searched far and wide for the ideal ring, knowing that her eclectic taste demanded something unique and unconventional. Browsing through various designs by Tinsel, Rohan found what he had been looking for – a ring that had the words “Suikerbossie ek wil jou hê”, a line from a famous Afrikaans folk song, etched into the silver.

Impressed with his find, and inspired by these sweet words that can be translated as “Sugarbush, I want you so”, Rohan went back to his office at Fanakalo Visual Communication Studio and designed a label for the sparkling wine that would accompany his proposal.

The result of his love and inspiration is pictured here. Needless to say, Lurina was bowled over and accepted the proposal.

Meanwhile, winemaking duo and friends of the happy couple, Boer & Brit, or Stefan Gerber and Alex Milner, happen to see the label and loved it immediately. As winemakers it was a lucky coincidence that they could make a range of Cap Classique Brut so that the gorgeous label could be replicated. And Rohan’s declaration of love for Lurina now lives on in many a wine collection.

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