Caroline Vos to be reckoned with

Selected works from the portfolio of illustrator and animator Caroline Vos.

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Initially interested in physiotherapy as a life calling, art captured Caroline Vos’s imagination while in Israel on an extended travelling jol. Many UK and Majorca pub chalkboard illustrations later, she returned to SA and registered for PE Tech’s foundation course where she roped Best Student Award in her first year (although whilst studying she infuriated lecturers by monopolising the PE chalkboard market doing some 3 000 boards and taking on murals, design projects, book illustrations and a weekly political cartoon for The Herald).

Eventually, Vos was gainfully employed by the Video Lab in Cape Town and after hours worked on developing her own 2D animated series.

Although she always considered illustration as a means to make cash while beating the door down to animation moviedom, she has “learned to respect the art form. Finally, the challenge is something more than a pretty picture and now conveying a story becomes an unfolding of images very much like that on the screen”.

Currently, Vos is working at Heroes for Africa, South Africa’s first comic book company, doinb magazine illustrations for Y-Magazine, SL, Style and various websites.