Cardboard construction

Shigeru Ban has created a temporary pavilion out of cardboard to host the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow.

In exploring and developing contemporary arts and culture in Moscow ,Russia, a temporary pavilion has been designed to function as the momentary home for the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Gorky Park in the city.

As OMA are busy finalising designs, as well as construction of the Garage’s new home, Shigeru Ban Architects have created a low-cost construction to temporarily house exhibitions.

Due to the need for a rapid and inexpensive structure, Shigeru Ban has designed the pavilion with bulky cardboard pillars marking out its perimetre. Each column is six meters high and is made out of locally sourced paper materials.

A new exhibition, Temporary Structures in Gorky Park, will be on display until 9 December 2012. It will highlight the advancement in Russian architecture, while showcasing the history of structures in Gorky Park since 1923.

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