Cardboard clock

The grandfather clock in the children’s song was too tall for the shelf. Luckily this one is built with limited space in mind.

From the Series

Spanish design outfit Sanserif Creatius have taken a classic interior feature and given it an environmentally-friendly design overhaul.

The Grandpa Clock is the first creation in a series of home objects committed to environmentally friendly objectives. The structure is made entirely with biodegradable corrugated cardboard.

The piece comprises a series of die-cut pieces that imitate the carved volumes and contours typical of the timeless clock. Incorporating the conventional inner workings, pendulum and case, the clock cleverly comes in a more slender wall version to make it suitable for smaller, more modern spaces.

Targeting a generation for whom social and environmental values are on par with factors like aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality, the Grandpa Clock will give a vintage feel to any modern interior.

Grandpa Clock will make its international debut at the Feria Habitat Valencia fair in Spain between 28 September and 2 October 2010. The piece will be displayed in the Three Little Pigs exhibition, which will feature only biodegradable home furniture and objects made using corrugated cardboard.

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