Capsule shop

The flowing, elegant design of a shop that sells luxury clothing in Budapest gives the space an exhibition-like look and feel.

The use of lots of white colour together with large bright plain and arched surfaces results in an elegant and spacious shop, “Capsula”, in Budapest, Hungary.

“Capsula” is home to a multiple collection of high fashion brands. The shop space was designed by architects Sandor Gocsei and Eniko Korompay, who retained some of the historic elements, such as the indoor columns, in the redesign of the space.

Entering the store is much like entering an exhibition space, with a generous flowing feeling and strategically-placed lighting to emphasise all the fashion items in the store.

A simple, cubic counter works to elevate mannequins so that items are displayed as art objects. Other aesthetic features in the shop include black glass forms hanging from the ceiling, typography boxes on the wall and a recess in the wall that becomes a cabinet for one of the exclusive collections.