Built to size

A modular shelving solution by Miriam Aust allows for books to take up a new (design) function within the home.

From the Series

It’s not uncommon for book lovers to amass a great collection of books, which are then banished to a bookshelf somewhere in the house. Sometimes never to be read or touched again.

German designer Miriam Aust developed a shelving solution that creates a new presence and function for books in the home. “A Book Shelf” comprises an arbitrary number of shelf boxes of different height and shape that are placed together to create the base of the shelves. A pair of books is used to determine the height and depth of crates that create the individual frame for the books. Then, by adding grooves and an extended lid, the books form small hinged storage spaces in the shelf.

Aust explains that the system involved the deliberate contrast between “dealing with used, well-thumbed books and the systematic specification for the creation of the shelf”.