Braai… Brixton-style

Artist Zander Blom and designer Adriaan Hugo have together created the braai of all braais, “Die Laaste Braai”.

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Zander is an artist. Adriaan is an industrial designer. Zander has a bakkie. Adriaan has a bakkie. Zander likes to braai. Adriaan likes to braai. Zander and Adriaan also make incredible shit together.” And so artist Zander le Roux Blom and designer Adriaan Isak Hugo came to design a functional braai sculpture, “Die Laaste Braai” (the last barbecue).

For years Blom and Hugo lived together in Brixton. Times were tough so they would braai in the lid of a trashcan or on the ground. But one day the two decided that they had had enough and that it was time to design a decent braai for themselves. Blom and Hugo believe that the best braai is a simple braai that is idiot-proof. So they decided that they would design something somewhere between a NG Kerk, HF Verwoerd’s tombstone, Jay-Z’s new music video and Yves Saint Laurent – yes, the braai of all braais, the last braai.

Made from black granite and stainless steel, the duo wanted something that won’t break but still braais like a dream. The fire is made straight onto the granite. The grid is made of stainless-steel and finished with a coat of high-end Teflon, which can be set to two different heights and rotated over the coals. But wait, there’s more. This braai also comes with a three-year service plan – just like a car. The purchase also comes with a complimentary pair of very weird tongs, called “Die Slangtang” (the snake tongs).

This monumental object is only available in a limited edition of five. It’s all about keeping it “real Brix-town-stylez”.