Bowel Bowls by Afro Delft tableware

Afro Delft’s latest collection translates the sensation of “having butterflies” onto enamel.

Anna-Carien Goosen designs limited edition ranges for Afro Delft tableware, creating artworks that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Goosen’s latest collection, Bowel Bowls: Fire in the Loins, Heart of Stone & Gut Feel, is in black and white. Various areas of the belly are illustrated with butterflies to depict the metaphorical source of the fluttering you get when you’re scared, nervous or excited.

Goosen  decorates her bowls in the Dutch Delft tradition by painting directly onto her enamelware – albeit South African elements.

Each print is diligently applied to the product by hand, ensuring that in each range no two pieces are alike. The pieces are then fired to make them dishwasher and scratch safe.

Anna-Carien Goosen exhibited the bowel bowls for the first time at Design Indaba Expo 2015.