Biovessel: An odourless compost bin for the dinner table

We waste around 45 per cent of the food we produce. The Biovessel is a beautiful addition to sustainable living.

Bionicraft is a Taiwanese bio lab and design studio with an aim to bring eco-solutions into urban spaces. The company’s new offering, Biovessel is a odourless compost device that brings sustainability to the dinner table whether you live in a suburban home or a city apartment.

Biovessel by Bionicraft

Food waste has a negative effect on the environment. It’s estimated that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted every year, about half of what we produce. While compost bins are not an everyday household appliance, Bionicraft’s Biovessel claims to be an easy-to-use system fit for any environment.

The device works by mimicking how mother nature already deals with waste. In the natural environment, soil, earthworms, water, and light work together to decompose organic matter gradually over time. Biovessel brings the natural environment into the home.

Biovessel by Bionicraft

Following 20 months of research, experiments and observation, the company created a vessel comprised of a white, sculptural outer vessel, an inner structure regulator, a perforated wooden top with three holes, and three perforated top caps.

Packed with compost and around 600 grams of composting worms within a mix of humus and sawdust-soil, the Biovessel breaks down 500 grams to 1 kilogramme of food waste per week.

It’s three openings include the food waste hole, the observation hole, and the organic fertiliser outlet hole used for growing plants.