Biometric wearable designed to lower stress levels

ZENTA is a health-tracker-cum-life-coach that focusses on the wearer’s overall mind and body wellbeing.

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ZENTA biometric bracelet

Unlike most of the health trackers on the market at the moment, ZENTA wearable wristband has been designed to track a wearer’s mental health. The biometric bracelet was recently launched on Indiegogo by Shoreditch-based design studio VINAYA as a device that can do all the things a health and fitness tracker can do but with a stronger focus on holistic “body and mind” wellbeing. 

The campaign page presents ZENTA as a device that “ helps you discover how your habits and actions influence your stress and happiness over time”. By tracking daily physiological cues such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and breathing patterns, the technology is able to make an assessment on your emotions, stress levels and moods over short-term and long-term periods. 

With a companion app, ZENTA is able to pin point digital and “real world” causes of behavioural patterns such as an overloaded inbox and too much time spent on social media or a problem with daily routine like lack of sleep. VINAYA has used advanced biometric sensing technology and automated learning algorithms to provide a wearer with heath details and direct solutions when something is wrong.

ZENTA is designed on the basis that a lot of us don’t know how to find a balance in our hyper-connected lives, and suffer high stress levels. Stress has more of an impact on our health than we think, and according to the American Psychological Association, stress is the common thread underlying six of the world’s most serious illnesses.

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