Bicycle system designed for heavy duty, urban cargo delivery

Carla Cargo is a zero-emission and more agile alternative to the traditional delivery van.
Carla Cargo bike trailer

Hauling cargo on bicycles has opened up a whole new purpose for urban bikes. German-made Carla Cargo electric bicycle trailer has been designed to carry loads of up to 150 kilograms and requires no effort to transport heavy loads due to the electrical engine that helps power the bike. There are many benefits associated with the bike-based hauling system, which can be used for small businesses such as takeaway food, express courier services or any other mobile enterprise or initiative. 

The Carla Cargo hauling system is particularly handy because it carries much more than other electric bike trailers, it avoids traffic by occupying bicycle lanes, and its trailer can be detached from the bicycle and used as a handcart in pedestrian-only areas or in places where bicycles are not able to travel. 

With the support of the motor, a cyclist can travel at speeds up to 14 miles per hour despite the heavy cargo. A sensor on the unit also monitors the cyclist’s pedalling power to adjust the motor power accordingly. The system’s overrun brake mechanism automatically activates two disc brakes when slowing down or coming to a stop. 

The three-wheeled cart has been specifically designed for the transport of Euro norm boxes, which are easy to stack, but it can also carry anything from piles of wood to furniture. In addition to this, the cart can be used with any electric or standard bicycle. Carla Cargo is promoted as a space-saving, emission-free, cost-effective and more agile alternative to the standard delivery van or truck.