A better life

Runner-up in the social impact category of the Core77 Design Awards professional category is Wheelchair for Children in Guatemala.

Wheelchair for Children in Guatemala, in Partnership with the Guatemalan Foundation Transiciones and Design Without Borders. 

Targeting the needs of the less fortunate, a wheelchair for disabled children in Guatemala was developed aiming to improve social wellbeing.

Design without Borders partnered with Transiciones, an organisation where 70% of its staff are wheelchair users, giving the project unrivalled insight into the challenges facing wheelchair users.

The project came about due to the limited supply of wheelchairs in the region. The majority of wheelchairs on the market are imported and expensive. In order to develop more and better wheelchairs at lower costs, the two organisations partnered and reinforced their expertise and skills in the fields of product development, user participation and design methodology.

Designing economical wheelchairs for marginalised groups sees the project uplifting residents of Guatemala and improving their otherwise isolated lives.

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