Balancing act

Front has designed an elegant drinking service for Ballantine's 12-year-old blend, bringing some magic to the whisky experience.

Front has translated the ritual of drinking fine whisky into a series of handcrafted items that balance on top of each other in a seemingly magical composition.

Design trio Front were invited by popular whisky brand Ballantine's to create a drinking ritual for their premium Ballntine’s 12 blend.

The Swedish design group’s response to the brief saw a creation of the Ballantine’s 12 Ballance collection comprising tumbler glasses, an ice bucket and ice tongs. The final result is a drinking service of five pieces that balance elegantly, one on top of the other.

We wanted to awaken your curiosity and put some extra magic into the experience of the whisky, says the trio.

The Ballantine’s 12 Ballance encourages users to blend their own, elegant mix of Ballantine’s 12, ice and water. 

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