Bag it

Nendo's new ONB. collection of bags takes its name for the Japanese terms for "piggyback".

Inspired by the idea of a “designer’s work tools”, Nendo’s ONB. case and bag design is a three-way collaboration with the Porter brand and lifestyle products brand Real Produce.

The ONB. collection consists of an A3-size portfolio case, which fold into an A4-size case, making it ideal for carrying paper. An A4- and A5-size computer/file case is another item in the ONB. collection. There’s also the A5-size pencil case and organizsr cover.

Users can add pieces of thin cardboard to the outer sleeves of the cases to make the bags more rigid and to prevent papers and files from bending. A unique feature of the pencil case is that it can attach to both the inside and the outside of the larger cases.

The name ONB. is a contraction for the term “Original Nendo Bag”, as well as a reference to the word “onb”, which means “piggyback” in Japanese.

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