Backpack-cum-tent designed for urban camping

Melina is a portable tent designed to inspire nomadic city living.

To reclaim public spaces, industrial design student David Shatz designed Melina, a portable urban shelter. The cocoon-like tent can be folded and worn as a backpack.

There are still some kinks to the design such as the backpack's weight and the need for an efficient storage system. But Melina can be commended for its ability to inspire a compact and minimal approach to private urban spaces.

Melina is made for the nomadic individual who may wish to stop and inhabit a safe and private space in an urban environment. In Shatz’s opinion, public spaces are more than just the spaces between destinations as people rush from point A to point B.

The folding tent can be easily pulled out like an accordion into an oblong structure or pod that accommodates one person. No additional tools or parts are needed to assemble the tent. It is secured with simple side ties when folded in its compact form.

While it has been designed as an urban sleeping shelter, Melina also encourages exploration into minimalist and convenient outdoor camping.

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