Design Indaba Expo 2010: Mingo Lamberti's Made in China winners form part of the Eastern-inspired seventh range of limited-edition T-shirts.

These days, individuality is all the rage. Brad Hodgkiss started Mingo Lamberti to create limited-edition T-shirts with designs that he says are "simply wonderful". By forming a collective of designers and creative contributors, each range is themed and interpretations vary to create these one-of-a-kind garments. For their seventh range, Mingo Lamberti launched Made in China, inviting designers from all over to enter in their creations. The winning designers have had their Eastern-inspired designs form part of the newest range.

Simone Rayner

Having travelled to South East Asia, Rayner was fascinated by the Eastern way of drawing dogs when in reality there was no difference between dogs from the east or the west. Using this idea, she created an Eastern-inspired bunny based on the Chinese sweet, White Rabbit and with a bit of added texture, the end result was her porcelain bunny.

Kirsten Felbert

While at the Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology, Felbert spent her time making designs using an array of mediums such as gouache paint, ink, paper and craft knives. It’s for this reason her design “Goldie” is inspired by not only goldfish but Chinese paper cuts, their flowing lines, big fun traditional hairstyles and little Chinese junk boats.


Playing to the stereotypes of raw Eastern food, Jagabomb’s design also plays to his own fear of eating any “weird” seafood. With the idea that anything you eat in the East may still be alive, the unique bowl of sprawling tentacles may make you think again before picking up those chopsticks.

Nicola Meiring

Looking to polish her skills as a freelance illustrator, Meiring couldn’t stop with one idea and took on the challenge of combining various popular Chinese figures. Using the Lucky Cat, Buddha and the Chinese dragon she was able to create a Chinese temple through iconic forms while somehow throwing Mr Miyagi in there too.