Artistic glow

Benjamin Hubert's Tenda lamp series has been selected as part of the PROTO_LIGHT exhibition in South Korea.

Fibreglass rods, Lycra and mesh all come together to form Benjamin Hubert’s futuristic-looking series of lamps called Tenda.

Designed for the 2013 London Design Festival, Hubert’s Tenda lamps have become somewhat of a signature product for the London-based designer.

The primary component of the lamp series is a multi-layered construction of colourful textiles that are covered by quad-directional high-stretch micromesh. This gives the lamp its volume and an ethereal lightness. The internal layers are made using Lycra, which diffuses the light source allowing for varying opacity depending on the position it is viewed from. A flexible fiberglass rod supports all textile layers. 

The interplay between external stretch convex curves and internal concave forms creates a dynamic typology of components and progressive design language, says Hubert.

The Tenda collection has been selected as part of the PROTO_LIGHT exhibition of lighting at Artclub1563, a contemporary art centre in South Korea. The exhibition seeks to explore how light is used as an artistic medium in a contemporary society, with a focus on light's relationship to object and space.

PROTO_LIGHT runs until 31 January 2014. 

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