And again

Things Revisited takes classic design icons and updates them for modern use.

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Henry Wilson, who is now based in Sydney, Australia, created the Things Revisited project to examine how everyday objects may be re-appropriated.

Sometimes with a playful outcome, and other times with a profound outcome, Things Revisited takes the essence of an object and looks at how it may be adapted and passed on, with a new function.

An enamel factory lamp that was originally built to extract as much light as possible from an incandescent light bulb is repurposed here with a two-part sleeve. The sleeve makes the light more suitable for domestic use with more focussed light in just one shade.

The electric kettle undergoes a transplant. Asking the question: Why are kettles plastic? Wilson takes the element from an old, dirty plastic kettle and kits it into an enamel camping jug. This “transplant” makes the kettle more durable, colourful and easier to clean.

A key element in the design of Le Creuset pots is that they are so attractive that they can be served directly on the table. But this still requires a trivet to keep the table from burning. Wilson creates a design addition that can attach the trivet to the lid of the pot, without modification to the pot. This enables two solutions in one: Carrying the pot and serving it.

Originally designed by Kenji Ekuan, the Kikkoman soy sauce lid works so well that the function is never questioned. Instead, Wilson designs a range of bottles with the same connection as the soy sauce.