On and off

Nendo's "Ofon" furniture collection is designed to be adaptable and flexible for small office spaces.

Shelves that become desks and upholstered panels that function as cupboard doors make Nendo’s new office furniture ideal for changing environments.

Nendo have created a range of furniture for Kokuyo, which takes into account the importance and need for quick and easy changes to compact offices.

The modular form of the pieces make them easy to modify and move around, allowing for the office space to be easily adapted as the organisation grows, or according to the scale of a project.

Titled Ofon, the collection’s name references how the furniture provides users with both "on" and "off" working space, depending on the number of employees.

We wanted our office furniture to be easily expandable and multi-functional too, says Nendo.

The main feature of the furniture is the development of a “coin joint”. This allows the user to assemble each piece without tools. The furniture can be screwed together and unscrewed with a single coin.

When shelves are not in use they can be used as the legs for cabinet-type desks. Upholstered panels can function as cupboard doors or as dividers between desks and when placed together can partition the office space.

This highly functional design allows workers to focus and relax within the office space, while also offering physical flexibility to the office layout.