Ancient Rome

Jaime Hayón has designed a collection referencing the legendary pottery and architecture of Ancient Rome.

Referencing Ancient Rome, Jaime Hayón has designed a collection that celebrates the era’s esteemed pottery and architecture.

Spanish designer Hayón has collaborated with Italian brand Paola C to create a striking collection of tableware including vessels and other everyday objects.

Hayón is well known for the bold-yet-whimsical aesthetic he often brings to his work and the New Roman collection is no different. The ancient artefacts are reinterpreted in his signature quirky, contemporary way. One example is the Augustus, a silver-plated pitcher decorated with a comic smiling face.

Inspired by the vessels of the Roman Empire, this collection transforms antique references into a celebration of contemporary craft, says Hayón.

The collection includes a number of carafes, plates, storage vessels, an oil lamp and candleholder. Each piece is placed on a metal stand, as they are designed with rounded bottoms, allowing the vessels to stand upright on their own.

The largest piece in the collection is titled Colosseum, a large silver-plated bowl atop a brushed-brass base shaped like the famous amphitheatre in Rome.

New Roman was unveiled at the 2014 Salone del Mobile

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