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Haldane Martin has launched his first-ever retail showroom in Woodstock, Cape Town.

A gallery-like interior, punctuated with dynamic yellow features, characterises the look and feel of Haldane Martin’s new retail showroom in Woodstock, Cape Town.

The iconic furniture designer chose to strategically locate the showroom in the epicentre of Woodstock’s creative district, ensuring that the space is easily accessible to art collectors, design enthusiasts, ad agency moguls and tourists.

The yellow sun burst concepts that can be seen throughout the space is inspired by the name of the building – Fairweather House. A bright yellow, tensioned string installation draws the viewer into the space while also working to define and partition various areas within the space.

Martin’s fascination with weaving can be observed in the display of the famous Baba Papa, Zulu Mama, Riempie and, more recently, the Source Chair designs.

These designs along with his well-known and much loved Songololo Sofa, Fiela Feather lights, New Slant Shelving, Globe chair, and timeless Weightless collection, are all on display in fresh new finishes and dashes of colour.

“Never seen before” pieces are also on display in this new space. The Bauhaus office desking system and the Kidult Coffee Table are a must-see.

The work of other leading South African designers can also be seen in Martin’s showroom, including Ronel Jordaan, Lisa Firer, Wiid Designs, Fly Catcher and Gray. Artworks by prominent South African artists like Brett Murray, Stefanus Rademeyer and Gerhard Marx complement this contemporary space and the iconic furniture.

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