A(cute)ly artistic

Many of us use the word "cute" to describe the small, the adorable or the funny. But what does cute mean? The Cute Show takes a deeper look.

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The origins of “cute” come from the shortening of the word “acute”, meaning “keenly perceptive”, “shrewd’ or “clever”. With this in mind, The Cute Show features the work of jewellery designer Geraldine Fenn; illustrator and artist Jaco Haasbroek; sculptor, painter and animator Francois van Reenen; decor stylist and artist Tracy Lee Lynch; and artist and jewellery designer Eric Loubser. These creatives express fears, desires, satire, consumerism and even religion, all in a “cute” way. At the Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection from 25 February to 25 March.

Watch the Talk with Geraldine Fenn