3D fabrics

Rowan and Erwin Bouroullec's create three-dimensional fabrics for textile manufacturer Kvadrat.

Canal, Moraine and Gravel are three new collections of three-dimensional knitted and stretch upholstery fabric by Rowan and Erwin Bouroullec for Kvadrat.

Constructed using a double jersey knit, the collections reveal new surfaces of slightly quilted fabric that give it depth and texture.

The collections also combine the flexibility and firmness necessary to upholster a wide variety of shapes with the possibility of less points of stitching required as the fabric stretches and moulds to shapes more easily.

The knitted front layer of the textiles is made from fine melange wool and polyester yarns, which combines dark and light fibres. This ensures that they have a sensuous touch and feature a rich play of warm, delicate and irregular colour nuances.

The knitted back layer is made from polyester yarns, in accent colours that provide firmness and structure. 

This is not the first time that the Bouroullec brothers have collaborated with Kvadrat. They also co-produced an adjustable curtain kit, Ready Made Curtain, and the innovative three-dimensional tile concept, Clouds.  

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