20 tuk-tuks transformed into moving artworks

Rickshaws made over by a collection of prominent designers in the name of India’s elephants.

Motorised rickshaws otherwise referred to as tuk-tuks have become synonymous with the bustling streets of India. The nimble three-wheeler is infamous for weaving through traffic and transporting as many people willing to squash into its tiny frame as humanly possible.

In many areas, the rickshaw has become an expression of its driver who decorates the standard model with various knick-knacks and accessories, all in an effort to attract customers.

One of the most impressive interpretations of tuk-tuk decorating has to be the fleet of 20 rickshaws designed by a selection of well-regarded designers across the fields of architecture, jewellery design, fine art, fashion and millinery. The rickshaws formed part of the Travels to my Elephant campaign – a global rickshaw race that took place in June this year as part of the Elephant Family’s charity to save Asia’s endangered elephants.

Each tuk-tuk was transformed into a piece of mobile art with a completely unique name, character and backstory, before it was auctioned off to support the cause.

See the rest of the collection here.