Tino Schaedler: Journey from the physical to the virtual

With a background in architecture and set design, Tino Schaedler is now taking on the world of virtual reality.

Optimist Design's Tino Schaedler teamed up with United Realities to create Odyssey, the first VR experience at the London Design Festival as part of the Ten Designers at Somerset House.

Odyssey is a 90-second immersive journey that transports the viewer out of Somerset House and into an imagined world beyond. Schaedler worked on the set designs of fantastical movies such as Harry Potter and Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Now, he has channelled the imaginative energy of turning fictional environments into reality with the Odyssey experience.

According to Schaedler, what separated Odyssey from the rest is not only the advanced technology used in the design but also the emotions that Odyssey elicits. “We wanted to create an experience that touches you,” says Schaedler. “That creates an emotion inside of you and elicits a physical response.”

To create the Odyssey experience, Schaedler, Optimist Design, and United Realities took a 3D scan of the empty space at Somerset House. To create a sensory feel, the designers included cinematic soundscapes and vibrations so visitors can both hear and feel during their experience.