Tia Blassingame: Combating racism through letter press printing

Designer and book artist Tia Blassingame uses the printed word to give her thoughts on racism in the United States a form of authority.

Rhode Island-based designer Tia Blassingame uses old-fashioned printing methods, such as moveable type and printing presses, to give her thoughts and ideas a physical form.

They have a physical reality. Printed word has an authority.

Blassingame’s work focuses on contemporary and historical racism, particularly in the United States. She is based in Rhode Island, which has a strong history of involvement in and profit from the slave trade.

In her own mind, the most important part of Blassingame’s work is starting a conversation and raising the awareness of racism. She tries to engage viewers in with a subject that might be challenging or taboo by attracting their attention with her books and prints.

“My designs combat racism by fostering dialogue and giving people a moment to be part of the conversation through their engagement.”

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