In Studio With: Yves Béhar

Founder and chief designer of Fuseproject Yves Béhar believes creativity is like a superhero.
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Step into the San Francisco studio of Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject, an award-winning industrial design and brand development firm.

What drives Béhar as a designer is not so much developing the style or visual signature of the work but rather the ideas; ideas that are relevant to the age and times we live in.

He then seeks to implement these ideas through 360-degree design. 

Béhar believes that you have to strike a balance between doing things that are beautiful and enticing and doing things that are socially and environmentally conscious: “If it isn't ethical as a design, it can't be beautiful but if it isn’t beautiful it shouldn’t be at all.”

He concludes that creativity is like a superhero.

Creativity can change things, transform things, save things build things and grow things. It can make people happy.