Sponsored content: MTN's NekNomination gives free Wikipedia access

In response to a NekNomination, MTN has become the first in the country to provide free Wikipedia access across its network.

On Wednesday, 12 February 2014, Five Roses Tea challenged MTN to a NekNomination.

While NekNominations originated as an online meme taking the form of a drinking game, in South Africa the phenomenon has evolved into a public challenge to perform random acts of kindness.

MTN's response was inspired by grade 12 students from Sinenjongo High School in Cape Town. In 2012 the pupils wrote an open letter to South African cellular networks encouraging them to make access to Wikipedia freely available. In response to the NekNomination, MTN has risen to this challenge.

MTN is now thrilled to announce that by the end of February the cellular network will be making Wikipedia free to access for all MTN customers via Opera Mini.

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