Molly Keogh: West African textiles, contemporary style

We talk to the designer behind the Accra-based fashion brand Osei-Duro.

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Molly Keogh is one of the two founders of Osei-Duro, a clothing brand based primarily in Accra, Ghana. The garments made by Osei-Duro reflect the local culture and aesthetics and support the local makers whilst working towards being part of a vibrant, global fashion industry. 

“Our focus is on is handmade textile techniques translated into relevant, contemporary clothing,” says Keogh, whose background is in costume design in Los Angeles.

The original project was an experiment. Keogh’s partner was intrigued by the textiles she found in Ghana while visiting and returned to the country with Keogh to start the brand soon after. The clothes they make reflect their country of origin. 

“Osei-Euro really feels like a meeting of ideas and a meeting of cultures, techniques and processes,” says Keogh. The brand has experimented with using different fabrics and the local Ghanaian boutique dying process to create signature printed pieces and explore the different characteristics and potentials of the materials and techniques.

The demand for the garments locally has been a surprise to its founders, who’d originally imagined that their market would be overseas. The clothes are now available in a couple of concept stores in Accra, as well as at occasional pop ups in the house where the brand is based.