Mike Kruzeniski: I want to change the entire culture of a company

Head of design for Twitter, Mike Kruzeniski creates environments where designers can think big.

In an interview at What Design Can Do 2013, Mike Kruzeniski talks about his interest in the craftsmanship of digital products. Believing that a company’s vision needs to work alongside craftsmanship on a daily basis, he dedicates himself to designing environments where design can take place on a grand scale.

I’m interested in how to create a space where designers can think big, feel free to fail and get close to the product, says Kruzeniski.

At the 2013 What Design Can Do conference, he elaborates on how important it is for any company to build a structure where people are able to integrate relationships, design and forward-thinking ideas.

I want to change the entire culture of a company, not just ask what product to design next, says Kruzeniski.  

Working in the field of interaction design, Kruzeniski uses stories to make something understandable and relatable to users. “Using stories to shape where you want to go as a designer is a fundamental element in allowing users to understand technology on their own terms”, he says.

Finding that his main challenge is to make technology meaningful so that it does not only push what is possible but what is meaningful and useful drives all his work.

Designers can’t fix everything. The best way to get involved is to pick the problem you care most about and get as close to it as possible, says Kruzeniski.

Design for Kruzeniski is getting involved in the structure of a company.