Michael Shiferaw: Digital design with a positive impact

It’s a good time to be a creative in Africa, says creative director Michael Shiferaw

Ethiopia’s highly diverse population is home to around 80 different ethnic groups. This melting pot of culture, colour, and tradition provides the perfect backdrop to Trita Design, a graphic design firm that provides digital solutions without drawing on western influences.

Creative director, Michael Shiferaw says graphic design studios tend to mimic the trends around the world. But as the industry shifts, more and more designers are looking toward local content.

In one project, AddisUnleashed, Shiferaw and two colleagues took photographs of moments in Addis Ababa that are not usually associated with the bustling city. Shiferaw also runs a podcast that embraces African music and young African talent.

“In my own way I try to give a different perspective on what people are thinking,” says Shiferaw. “If we concentrate on the positives we’d find a lot of things that could shine.”