Michael Johnson: The future is social branding

The founder of brand identity firm Johnson Banks unpacks the growth of social branding in a competitive corporate world.

For London-based identity and branding firm Johnson Banks, working for NGOs, charities and social organisations is significantly more fulfilling than punting profiteering corporations. In this video, the company's founder Michael Johnson points out the interesting and innovative campaigns emerging from a growing social branding sector with the example of a few standout projects.

Today Johnson Banks' portfolio includes projects for a host of cultural, non-profit, social and government groups. Johnson explains the small team at the agency has always been more drawn to "educational and cultural projects where you really felt like you were doing some good" – as opposed to big corporate clients.

For more than a decade, Johnson Banks has developed its own style of branding which focusses on giving clarity to a brand's architecture. Johnson reasons that in a highly competitive market, it is important "that a brand stands out and is really clear about what it stands for".