Isis Schiffer’s EcoHelmet might get even more people interested in bike sharing

The Pratt Institute design graduate spoke at Design Indaba Conference 2017.

More and more people are using shareable bikes as an alternative way to get around their gridlocked cities. But imagine grabbing your ride after pulling out a 100 per cent recyclable safety helmet?

Industrial designer Isis Schiffer presented her renowned project, the EcoHelmet, at the Design Indaba Conference 2017. Its honeycomb design means it can withstand an impact, it doesn’t require any assembly, and it can easily be folded or way or tossed into the recycling bin.

Her award-winning design comes at a time when bike sharing models are popping up all over the United States and China. Although, Schiffer says there’s one thing missing from these models: safety.

Because a bulky, conventional helmet doesn’t suit the appeal of short-term bike ownership, most riders use the service without protection. But Schiffer hopes that with her design, people will be willing to experience the city in a safer way.

Based in the United States, the Pratt Institute graduate is behind other quicker projects such as the ERRO Scooter, a scooter that folds to the size of a laptop, and a cat-like device whose sole purpose is to knock things off the table.

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