Hyperakt: Social impact design

Brooklyn-based design agency Hyperakt talks about communicating change and the role of data science in its work.

Deroy Peraza, the principal member and creative director at social impact design agency Hyperakt, says there is always an element of selling a brand, even when designing for social enterprises and humanitarian organisations. “Whether you’re talking about a new programme to promote vaccines or whether you’re talking about a new car, you need to create a brand that gets people to pay attention,” says Peraza.

Hyperakt is based in Brooklyn, New York in an open studio with a small team that creates meaningful design for social good. Designing compelling branding strategies and identities for clients at the forefront of social impact, the agency is all about “helping to communicate change” by helping client’s tell their inspiring stories.    

A lot of the work they do at Hyperakt involves communicating real world issues and this requires working with reams of statistics and figures. The role of data science in design is a topic gaining traction in the industry as data is easy to access online and process through advanced programming systems. Hyperakt specialises in taking this data and transforming it into something that makes sense and resonates with an audience.

Peraza says, “When you start visualising that data in ways that are much more immediate for people to process and you put it next to stories that are much more relatable, all of a sudden you have this much more powerful combination of media working together.”