Dror Benshetrit: Crossing the boundaries between design disciplines

Designer Dror Benshetrit tells us what drives his New York-based studio’s holistic approach to design.

Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit’s reluctance to specialise in one field of design has shaped Studio Dror into a trans-disciplinary practice. The small, New York-based team works in multiple disciplines to form a fresh holistic approach to design. Whether working in art, the various fields of design or architecture, Studio Dror is motivated by pushing boundaries and testing new ideas.

In this interview, Benshetrit touches on his studio’s creative process and in particular, how their work encompasses more than just the design aspect of a project, to include branding, creative direction and styling. This approach, Benshetrit says leads to collaboration across creative industries:

“We don’t have boundaries between disciplines. We collaborate with all kinds of specialists that are part of the discussion on every project.”

From a personal point of view, Benshetrit explains that the greatest satisfaction he gets from his work is the process of designing as opposed to the finished product. This filters down into the work ethic of the practice, which is very much driven by the formulation of ideas and by understanding the motivation behind a concept.

When it comes to design process Benshetrit says, “It is always about a certain communication. It’s not just a choice of colour or radius or texture. It’s always a lot more than that.”