Documenting Design at DI2010: Part 2 of 2

Documenting Design 2/2 – Gary Hustwit, Doug Pray and Eames Demetrios at Design Indaba 2010.

The second part of this two-part conversation with filmmakers, Eames Demetrios, Doug Pray and Gary Hustwit at the 2010 Design Indaba Conference. They enlighten us about design as a life skill and dig deep as they explain the psychology behind design thinking. Masters of their trade, their theory is that design is not alien; more and more people realise that they are designing all the time, even through choices.

Eames talks about design as a continuity of human history and how contemporary designers are taking the vernacular of the design process and accelerating it through the intense application of iteration to a place where solutions come alive quicker. Pray speaks out about his distaste that all the attention goes to bold, brash designs, yet for him it’s the everyday designs that have the most creative thought behind them. Hustwit concludes that it is actually all rather simple; designers take complex systems, streamline them and make them better.

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Watch the Talk with Gary Hustwit, Doug Pray, Eames Demetrios, Michael Bierut

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