Darb 1718: A place of exchange for Egypt’s artists

Reem Hatem fills us in on Darb 1718, the Cairo centre that is fostering the North African country’s art scene.

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In this video Reem Hatem, the deputy executive director of Cairo-based Darb 1718, tells us about the role the arts and culture centre plays in Egypt’s burgeoning contemporary art movement.

“We want to be a space for artists, specifically emerging artists to exhibit their art and learn,” Hatem says. “We try to provide as much support and guidance as we can.”

Darb 1718 provides local artists with opportunities for international exposure and invites foreign artists to experience Egyptian culture and share their knowledge. 

Located in the Fustat area of Cairo, the centre also aims to engage with its neighbours through community workshops and outreach programmes. “We work with the local community around the 1718 centre because we want to have an impact,” she says.

Darb 1718 runs educational workshops, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, independent film screenings and arts activities. “Our space is open to the public every day,” Hatem says. “We want people to spend time in our space, look at art, listen to music, watch films and be present around different art mediums.”

Darb 1718 is currently running the Mawaweel Festival, which is an alternative Ramadan experience featuring music performances, art exhibitions and various food experiences.

Darb 1718 presented its work along with four other African creative collectives in the Africa Is Now exhibition at Design Indaba Expo 2015.