Two young designers tackle what it will mean to age in 2050

Mar Ginot Blanco and Aaron Garlick aim to design for future challenges based on present and past movements in design.

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Design Academy Eindhoven graduates Mar Ginot Blanco and Aaron Garlick shared their collaborative research project at the inaugural antenna gathering. Their work deals with speculative architecture and transport solutions with regard to aged citizens using the year 2050 as a projected marker.

The duo tackle the question “what will it mean to age in 2050?” as opposed to current norms surrounding the lifespan and careers of elderly folks. Based on their research, Blanco and Garlick designed a hypothetical scenario in which people reach the age of 120 easily.

With modern medicine and bioengineered organ design advancing rapidly in years to come, Blanco and Garlick forecast an era in which retirement is determined by cognitive ability rather than the number 65.

This will greatly affect the world’s population, the accessibility of housing in urban areas and the transport systems that connect it all.